Thank’s to our internal departments, It Bags is the company to trust in if you are looking for services aimed at he design and creation or implementation of your personal project.
Our core business, the production of genuine leather good Made in Italy, will allow the achievement of a high quality final product.
The know-how of our Graphic and Web Development departments will be able to spread the identity and the message of your company and your products.
Our services are always tailor-made, to offer you a strategic plan suited to your markets needs.

Below you’ll find in detail all the processes and services that our company can offer you.

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Find out why relying on It Bags and its services will be the best choice for your new brand.

bags design and production


Together we will study the design that best suits your brand. Researching trends and styles to create a unique product.

Raw material research

We will search for thehighest quality materials that represent the philosophy of your brand.

Draw and Prototype

Our team will take care of the realization of the pattern and then of the prototype of your product.

Samples and Industrialization

A first sample will be created and will be followed by the actual production for your shop.


Each step of the production process is scrupulously followed to obtain the best possible result.

Raw materials quality control

We always look for superior quality raw materials, for an optimal and luxury feeling of the finished product.

Monitoring of productive phases

Each phase of the production process will be kept under control to keep you updated on the latest developments of your product.

Quality control

The finished product will go to the quality control department which will check that nothing is out of place and will proceed with the final cleaning.

Logistic service

Ready-to-ship products will be packed in the Packaging of your choice and shipped as agreed.

bags design and production


Each step of the production process is scrupulously followed to obtain the best possible result.

Business analysis and development

The dedicated team will take care of market research and an in-depth study of your project for the best possible yield.

Logo study – Brand Identity – Packaging

Our team will help you in the study and creation of all the graphics that your new brand needs to be recognizable.

Website & E-Commerce creation

We will develop, following your requests, the platform that best suits your product and your needs.

Collection Brief

Together with our teams we will make a Brief Collection in which all the objectives for the optimization of the project will be aligned.


Trust our tailor-made solutions. Designing and Manufacturing Genuine Leather Bags for your brand has never been easier. Production process followed from start to finish. Superior quality products and unique designs designed just for you.


Become a point of reference in the fashion sector, choosing us as a partner for the small leather good and bags design and production for third parties or for your project. We will give you the opportunity to contain costs, to follow the entire production process and to create online platforms to sell all your products.


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